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My name is Mathias (no bonuspoints for guessing my family name). This is where I rant...or something. It is somewhat connected, at least as an idea, to my main Fediverse account on Akkoma (compatible with Mastodon etc), which lives on a sub-domain of this domain: This means my userhandle on my Akkoma instance is (yeah, I'm a comedy genius).

The thing is, even though I don't have a character limit on Akkoma, and I therefore can write really long posts, the nature of social media means I'll spill my guts and energy for a long post that will disappear rather quickly. Isn't it better if I write it here and post a link to it? I think so. :)

Running Akkoma on a sub-domain also meant I kind of had a main/root domain left "over", so I figured I should use it for something, anything. Also, I try out different things here. Right now for example I'm trying out Astro , with the (excellent) theme Astro-Paper, managed via Gitlab and automatically deployed to Netlify .

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