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Just a short intro about me

I’m working with Business Development & Innovation, IT Architecture, User Experience and Infosec/Cybersecurity. I am also in to roleplaying (TTRPG’s), photograpy, being a father, geek, guitarist, headbanger, musician. Also I can cook decently well if I may say so myself.

So what is the plan?

The idea here isn’t to have a fully fledged blog, I have one of those already elsewhere, which I don’t update nearly enough. As I am about to move the old blog elsewhere I figured I should have this site in the meantime where I can publish things, should I feel like it.

In all honesty I’m one of those that usually have vastly over-engineered personal web sites that can do all kinds of things, not because I need lots of functionality, but as I use my own web sites as test beds for various (technology related) things I have been wondering about but perhaps haven’t had the possibility to try out at work.

I’m definitely better at building solutions and services than I am at filling them with content myself.

Instead, here there will basically be (too) long social media posts, which can be the result of some deep thinking or, more likely, completely nonsensical, and that can be linked to from my various Social Media services, quite likely from my Fediverse accounts (you can click the icons below to follow me there if you like, though I need to swap out the Mastodon icons for more suitable alternatives).

Also, I try out different things here. Right now for example I’m trying out Astro, managed via Gitlab and automatically deployed to Netlify.

As this is work in progress, currently an experiment if you like, you should probably not consider this a fully fledged article collection, but more a collection of fleeting thoughts. If I express an opinion about something here I might change it tomorrow (if presented with better knowledge).